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The following terms and conditions reflects the obligations of the webmaster and of MasterAcash. All conditions must be adhered to, and are legally binding.

The following describes the general conditions that have to be meet to be allowed to promote the MasterAcash websites.


a.. You must supply us with your correct personal info. Without this personal information we have no way to contact you in case of any problems with your account.

b.. Once you've created a partner account please put it to use right away.

c.. Misleading statements in your advertising pages will result in termination and forfeiture of earnings. Ex. Telling the surfer it is a FREE TRIAL, Telling the surfer to signup and then cancel or coercing a click or signup in exchange for cash or product from one's site.

d.. It is allowed to have several accounts for one person/company

e.. You may use text, banner and blind links. Also you can create your own advertising, but it should not contain false information about our sites.

f.. All banners MUST be served from YOUR server.

g.. You get paid 50% of the Net Income. Net Income is defined as all sales, including first time members and all recurring billing for sign-ups, less all refunds, revokes and charge backs.

h.. We make payments ourselves every second week for your account's accumulated sales. You will be sent a check/wire tansfer only if your account has accrued the minimum payout amount (entered at registration moment). If the amount is less, it is carried over to the next payment period until your account has accrued the minimum payout amount.

i.. The action of sending traffic from any URLs which contain and/or promote the following content, programs or linking practices is a violation of this agreement: child pornography, bestiality, warez, password selling or trading, spam e-mails.

j.. If a sponsorship account is created with false/misleading information, MasterAcash reserves the right to terminate the account and withhold ALL accrued funds.

k.. MASTERACASH will not be held responsible for loss due to down times resulting from complications with your hosting equipment or technical errors.

l.. MASTERACASH reserves the right to cancel this program at any time, without prior notification. In such cases you will be notified immediately and paid for ALL sign-ups accumulated up to that point in time, except in cases where it is determined that you have violated this agreement in anyway.

m.. MASTERACASH reserves the right to terminate your account if it is idle for more than five month. In such cases you will be notified in advance.

n.. MASTERACASH reserves the right to deny any prospective sponsor admittance into the program, based on the content of their website or for any other reason.

o.. MASTERACASH reserves the right to change the payout rate with a 3 day notice.

p.. NO SPAM (this includes email, newsgroup, ICQ or any other kind of spamming)

q.. MASTERACASH absolutely does not accept sites containing beastiality or child porn.

r.. All funds to be settled are paid in U.S. currency.

s.. You must notify us before or upon termination of this agreement of any changes to your account's payment information.

All rights reserved 2003-2005 MasterAcash Group.